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Friday, March 26, 2010

Pass It On

So I was watching a clip about Ellen DeGeneres becoming a vegan and why she did. One thing she talked about was the 'Earthlings' one word SAD. We all know deep down unruly things happen to animals, but I guess we look at it like outta sight outta mind. But it is time to WAKE up and do something, ANYTHING to create a change. There is power in numbers, so let’s all come together and make this world more peaceful for one and all. Here is the link for the trailer of 'Earthlings' . I hope you watch the whole thing...if you can watch a horror movie you can and should watch this, remember ignorance is NOT bliss.

Some ideas to make a change is to get mailing addresses for you major grocery stores and start writing them about bringing in fairly treated meat products. The more we demand the more change can occur. Also spread the word...don't stop talking about this matter until something is being done. This is a movement, and one that you should want to be a part of. We don't accept slavery anymore, so why should we accept the brutal torture and murdering of helpless animals for our own selfish desires and wants? Do you have some ideas about making a change? Share them!!!

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  1. Don't be scared girlie :)It is only a short clip but SO important and eye opening