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Friday, March 12, 2010

I love cute bowls...

Check out this awesome bowl! I got it from Winners for $4.99, I love it :) It makes eating anything that much more exciting. For lunch I used it today and had a yummy spinach salad with raw unsalted sunflower seeds, organic raisins and a dressing made with organic Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some Dijon mustard mmmm!! Then after that I had a homemade butternut squash soup made by my man friend, totally vegan (recipe to come). Question to ask yourself today "Where did this food I am eating come from???"


  1. cute bowl. love it.
    and soup looks great <3

    how is your body feeling with this different style of eating?

  2. Hiya lover...I am feeling much more energized that is for sure! I have been realy good for the most part, had some sugar a few times and I got quite the headache :( But overall I am feeling great and I find I actually am craving healthier foods often, talk to you soon xo