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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work It...

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise
So I LOVE interval training!! This simply means changing up your pace/incline/resistance while you are doing cardio. My favourite is when I am on the treadmill. You can easily do this also if you are running outside. Remember to always do a 4-5 min warm up just to get your heart rate going to help prevent injury. Then every two minutes I change my incline (on a treadmill) while remaining at a 4.2 mile and hour speed (you can walk less quick if starting out). So my 'home base' incline is 3.5. After 2 min I go to 5.5, then back to 3.5, then up to 7.5 and so on like this; 3.5/9.5/3.5/11.5/3.5/9.5/3.5/7.5/3.5/5.5/3.5 spending 2 min at each incline. SUCH a good workout and tough. So you have a steady incline up and steady incline down. You can make your base 0 if you are starting out going 0/2/0/4/0/6/0/8/0/6/0/4/0/2/0 again 2 min at each interval. If you are running outside or on the treadmill, you can quicken your speed. Sometimes I run different speeds to different songs. So let’s say 6.0 for one song, and 7.0 for another. The benefit to interval training is your body is being constantly challenged and therefore burns more calories rather than maintaining a constant speed or incline. PLUS it helps me when I use the treadmill to not get too bored since I am changing things up. For more on interval training check out this link...Get moving!!


  1. Nice! I like this. I also like your idea of doing it to songs (that's what she said!). Makes it a little more fun. I'll try it and let you know!

  2. ha ha funny broder....ya it def. makes the time go by faster!! DO it...also you should try walking at the highest incline at 3.5 miles an hour almost doing lunges, try it for 2 min HARD stuff!! xo