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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who Said?!?!

So I am writing this exciting blog as I 'mop' up my breakfast mmmm breakfast, even though it is 1:28pm (damn spring forward!!).

Who said that breakfast had to consist of typical breakfast type food??? I wanted pasta dang it so I had pasta!! Plus I just had a great workout, therefore I needed to refuel. So I had my kamut udon noodles which have 15g of protein per 3oz serving which is essential after a workout. Did you know it is so important to get protein in your system ASAP after a workout? Your muscles are hungry and protein is their fave get it in you and the sooner the better. If too much time passes (2 hours past your workout) your workout is borderline pointless because your muscles depend on that protein fuel to shape and grow. Anyways back to the pasta breakfast! So on my udon kamut noodles I added a load of homemade tomato sauce yum yum thanks to my man friend, and topped with sunflower seeds and used my cute rose bowl again (she is getting very good use!!) From there I toasted a slice of organic 12 grain bread made by a local baker, no sugar and all readable ingredients, and smothered it with Earths Balance organic buttery spread....hence the mopping up my breakfast. I couldn't let all of that yummy sauce go to waste :)

Eat up!! Check out this link for some other vegan friendly protien sources


  1. Jessica!
    Greetings from Montana. My name is Hannah and I represent Kamut International. I just read your blog and loved the beginning line! Very Funny. I was wondering if I could use it on our Facebook site as a quote. I am always looking for bloggers that use our products and you have alot of character and spunk~ If we used part of your blog we would cite you personally! Let me know if this is ok!

    Also, We would love to see you on twitter or facebook as well!



  2. Hey Hannah!!

    Wow that is exciting!! Of course you can use it on your facebook, I would be thrilled :) I personally have facebook, but not for love. live. fitness. yet...I have just started the whole blog thing, so one day! I will forsure follow you on facebook though. I love Kamut, I just recently started eating it, then found out from my mom that she fed it to us when we were little ones, cool!

    Thanks again Hannah


  3. Just posted the quote...and there is a link to your blog! keep up the great posts!!!

  4. Awesome...I'll have to check it out!! Thanks again!