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Monday, May 31, 2010


Worst blogger ever!! I know I am sorry it has been a while, but I do have lots of new and exciting things to write and tell you about :) First things first, I have a DELISH Chocolate Ganache vegan pie in the fridge as we, reviews and recipe to come!!

So yesterday was my 25th birthday...dun dun dun, still not to sure how I feel about this, we'll see. So I spent the day with my lovely man friend. We went to this diamond expo which was pretty cool, and went for dinner to a great vegan friendly restaurant called 'The Wooden Monkey' in DT Halifax. I had this yummy lental patty with baked organic fries and stole my boyfriends super yummy blueberry martini and stuck him with my 'interesting' lime and absinthe martini. Anyways SO delish!! Great way to celebrate the start to my 25th year.

Justin & I

My Dinner

I put the heart there because I had a toothpaste stain on my shirt!! grr

A few weeks ago I experimented with Tempeh. 'Tempeh is a fermented food made by the controlled fermentation of cooked soybeans with a Rhizopus mold (tempeh starter). Tempeh has a firm texture and a nutty mushroom flavour.' I got a curry flavoured one, it was so good. You can find it in any health food isle in a grocery store or at a health food shop. I crumbled it up in pasta and some stir fry veggies.

The Tempeh I used

My Tempeh Creation

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