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Sunday, May 2, 2010


So here is how I stay motivated to go to the gym and keep healthy. I have a set of rules I created for myself, and they go like this:

- Always go to the gym on Monday (I go 4-5 days a week)
- Never let more than 2 days go by without going to the gym...once day 3, then 4 hit of no gym I am out of my routine
- Always work out in the morning
- 30 min is better than 0 min!
- Always push myself that little harder...if I am already at 15 reps, whats another 3??
- Keep a record of what you are doing
- Look at your upcoming week and schedule in gym time

These are my rules, make your own or use mine as a guideline. I find having these rules inplace it keeps me on my toes and holds myself acountable. If you have any good 'rules' let us know!

If you haven't already checked out 'Oxygen' magazine give it a look. I love it!! Don't be scared off by the strong women on the front, there is TONS of awesome advice, tips, work-outs and recipes. You can also visit

More to come...

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