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Monday, May 3, 2010

Versatile Meals

I LOVE food that you can have as leftovers and make different things rather than the same meal over and over! My manfriend and I made a vegan chilli the other day...A LOT of it! So that night we had chilli, then next day I had chilli with veggie sticks to dip in it and for the past couple days I have had an Ezekiel wrap with a handful of spinach and chilli all wrapped up. Messy but delish!! It is so filling and just feels like good eating. What will I have next....?? You can make your own home made chilli, or buy some from the health food isle in your supermarket (Amy's Organic makes great chilli and soups!), just read the ingredients and check the sugar and salt amouts. The benifit of making your own is you control what goes in it. Yes it takes a little time, but provides lots of leftovers :)


  1. Amys Organic Tomato Bisque soup is amazing!!
    Try it out. Better then Campbells.

  2. Mmm I will try it!! Yum yum..can't wait!!