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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vegan Community

So the more I venture into veganism, the more I want to be a part of the vegan community. People have all kinds of places to come together and share, talk and learn about their common, sports teams, gyms, etc. So far online has so many outlets for vegans...but I want REAL people face to face to share with! I went to a local vegan restaurant 'Heartwood' yesterday and it was awesome! Not too expensive, and such a variety. It is not totally vegan, but it is completely vegetarian, and you can make mostly anything vegan and/or gluten free. It is a cute little artsy place, seats about 25 max and has daily specials. Yesterdays was a vegan chilli with a homemade cornbread, and the soup was squash and pear served with sourdough bread (homemade). Not to mention all of the yummy treats! I tried a hazelnut brownie...a little dry but got me thinking how I could make it more moist with some brown rice syrup. So I had the bean good! It was huge, I took half home with me, and it was served with brown rice, salsa and corn chips...wowza!! Justin had the bean burger, good too, but not as good as mine!! :) They have all kinds of tea and free trade, organic coffee...mmm. Check out to see the full delish menu. Also to find out some vegan restaurants in your community visit such a cool site!

Get out there and talk yummy!

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