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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Di·et [dahy-it]; noun the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group, example: The native diet consists of fish and fruit. verb to feed.  

People have taken it upon themselves to tranform the word 'diet' into something that means you are trying to loss weight, when really the word 'diet' simply means the foods you eat. So you may follow a plant based diet, a low fat diet or even a junk food diet. The end results will vary depending on the 'diet' that you choose to follow. What does your 'diet' consist of??
And on to everyone getting some working out in? Even if it is just walking you dog, or a brisk walk around your block, get out there and get your blood pumping!! One cool but kind of gross thing I have noticed about getting more fit is my veins!! They are starting to POP out of my arms and hands!! On someone asked about veins popping out and this was their answer;

It's a sign that you've done a vigorous workout and are also a reasonably low body fat/ fairly muscular person. It's just the result of increased blood flow to a region, so it's not really a good or bad thing in and of itself.

So that's me I guess ;)

Have a SUPER day!

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